Xmas & New Year 2018

These are the runs for both Christmas Day and New Years Day 2018

IMPORTANT – Comment with times as you go but when you end each run PLEASE PUT “RUN ENDED (Name which run)” and the start and finish time of the run! This is because more than one run will be commenting on the same page – thanks for your cooperation.

Any run related information for the office should be posted here and the office will pick up and action. General info can still be posted on the group pages




Double 1

Double 2

Single 2

Single 1


AM Run

A Waring B Porter V Thursby S Robinson B Jones
J Russell Logue M Maginty J Duffy Coulter
J McGeough P Currie J Allen H Smyth A McFaul
B Lyons M Regan W Smyth M McCullen L Moore
G Adamson G English G Gibson A Mclaughlin H Chambers
C Whaley B Cooper I Neill M Crowe
D Smyth T Blair K Rutherford P Cowan N Everest
M Lynn D McDowell D McDowell – feeding M Drummond R Moles
R McComb S Gaston L Toner S McCord A McIlwaine
L Clelland J Atkinson P Thomas J Patterson N Clarke
T Thompson S Gaston P Steele
W Irvine J Crawford
M McIlroy E Smyth

Lunch Run

T Kirkland B Porter L Moore
G Adamson P Currie H Chambers
C Whaley D Smyth N Everest
R McComb Logue R Moles
J McGeough G English A McFaul
I Neill T Blair
Duffy D McDowell (feeding also)



Bed Run

L Clelland T Blair A McFaul
S Robinson M Maginty N Everest
J McGeough G English L Moore
B Porter J Patterson R Moles
C Whaley M McCullen H Chambers
G Adamson P Currie J Crawford
I Neill S Logue E Smyth
T Thompson D Smyth B Jones
G Lynn W Smyth
B Lyons B Cooper
J McGeough T Blair
R McComb D McDowell
J Atkinson
V Thursby

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