Structure & Aims


Admiral-CareOrganisational Values

1. We believe in attaining the highest possible standards of excellence regarding the care of service users.

2. We believe that a prerequisite for anyone involved with Admiral Care is that of genuine compassion and empathy for others.

3. We believe in care in the community and that anyone who chooses to remain living in their own home, is given as much support to remain independent and is encouraged to do as much for themselves as the agreed care plan indicates.

4. We believe that the dignity and value of every client is paramount and must be both recognised and respected at all times.

5. We believe that challenges provide an invaluable learning experience from which we can derive great benefit for the future.

6. We believe that team work is the essence of service user care, and that by sharing concerns and practice with colleagues we achieve greater success than by working alone.

7. We believe that honesty and integrity are vital ingredients for all aspects of living.



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