Admiral Care Services has created an environment to care for the elderly or disabled, enabling them to remain in their own home with dignity and respect. By utilising a combination of services we are able to create an alternative to admission into residential nursing care for those who require continuing support. Our unique service is tailored to the individual needs and requirements of each client and the availability of other support services.

 Domestic services which may include

  • bed making
  • emptying and cleaning commodes
  • washing up and shopping
  • We provide Respite sits and overnight stays


Personal care of service user can include

  • getting up and or assisting service user into bed
  • moving with or with out the use of a hoist
  • washing and bathing, dressing and undressing
  • assisting the service user with toileting needs
  • emptying and changing catheter bags
  • changing and disposing of soiled pads appropriately
  • preparation of service user for care centre/hospital appointments
  • prompting medication, application of cream
  • recognition of need to summon GP/district nurse
  • co-operation with district nurse/health officials
  • preparation of food, help with feeding or drinking
  • advanced preparation of snacks or drinks
  • ensuring clients remain in a risk free environment