Pad Usage



  • Incontinence products should be worn on the client, NOT placed on the chair or the bed


  • Products should only be worn one at a time. Do not ‘double pad’


  • Incontinence products should be worn close to the body


  • Pads should be folded length ways in order to raise the anti-leak barriers on the sides of the pad


  • Avoid shaking the product as this will cause the pulp to break-up


  • Net pants should be used with shaped pads to ensure a close fit.  Ensure the seem is worn on the outside


  • Clients should be measured for net pants and slip and flex products to ensure the correct fit if this is the product that is prescribed


  • Avoid talcum powder and barrier creams where possible as this will affect the absorbency of the pad


  • Products should be stored in a cool dry place in their original packaging to maintain their integrity ( avoid bathrooms or damp spaces). Please inform District Nurse if there is a build-up of products being stored.


  • Always check correct size and fitting of product following all the advice from the SCA Tena company


  • Report any issues with incontinence products to the District Nurse