Festive Rota’s – Glengormley


Comment when you start the run and when you end it please.
Any run related information for the office should be posted here and the office will pick up and action. General info can still be posted on the group pages.

Enter times in and out of each service user. If the call is significantly shorter than anticipated please FILE NOTE this along with reasons.

Whenever a service user cancels a call you need to FILE NOTE it, not just put a post on the groups. This is so that we can notify their SW each and every time.

Similarly when a service user isn’t in, you MUST file note it and include the missed call sheet number. Failing to do this makes it a missed call / service failure.
If you don’t have a missed call book, come and get one.

Christmas Day – GlengormleyBoxing Day – GlengormleyNew Years Day – Glengormley
S RobinsonS RobinsonS Robinson
J McGeoughE FranceyE Francey
C GlenH GaultJ McGeough
J GrayJ McGeoughC Glen
B PorterC GlenJ Gray
N AsheJ GrayPorter
N PattenB PorterAshe
S HeffronN AshePatten
S HeffronSpence
S Robinson
J McGeough
C Glen
J Gray
N Patten
A Spence
S Heffron

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