Annual Leave

Just a quick note – Our holiday year runs from April to march the following year.  Please ensure you manage your leave as we cant carry leave from one year to the next.


To Book annual Leave:

(1) Email your request to the Admin team – or  @saffron-hoy /    @kavita-sharma on Admiralbook.

(2) Wait for confirmation, you will be contacted to either let you know if your request is approved or if not, when is available.  If you don’t hear anything within a business day or two ring the Admin team to confirm it has been received.

(3) Your Leave IS NOT BOOKED OR APPROVED until you have received email / written confirmation of it from the Admin Team. They manage the Annual Leave diary, raising with your line manager etc in supervisions or chats will not get it booked.

(When booking leave do not make assumptions about the rotas, they are subject to continual change – if you need a full week off – book all seven days – they will be allocated as to your hours etc automatically ie: do not Book Monday to Friday assuming you already have a specific weekend off!)

Info From your Handbook:

1. Your annual holiday entitlement is shown in your individual Statement of Main Terms of Employment (Form SMT). – (Equates to 5.6 weeks of your average hours)
2. It is our policy to encourage you to take all of your holiday entitlement in the
current holiday year. We do not permit holidays to be carried forward.
3. Holiday requests will be considered on a “first come – first served” basis whilst ensuring that operational efficiency and appropriate staffing levels are
maintained throughout the year.
4. You should give at least four weeks’ notice of your intention to take holidays of more than three days and two weeks’ notice is required for odd single days.
Please note – not all requests may be approved and the needs of the business will take precedence.
5. You may not normally take more than two working weeks consecutively.
6. Your holiday pay will be at your normal basic pay unless shown otherwise on